Sunday Service Podcast September 27th – Myrtle’s Gift

We affirm divine order outworking in our coming elections, we affirm divine outworking on our planet, in the water, in the rain, in the fires, in all of it.”

Rev. Karen re-visits the core spiritual tool of prayer, in its various forms, as a great way to navigate current challenges.  Examining the healing and affirmation works of Myrtle Fillmore, she encourages us to re-invigorate our prayer practice.

Worship Arts include group recordings from Seattle Unity band, Erin McGaughan, Olivia Hamilton, Jesse Whitford, David Loy, as well as community members Tim Clements-Levin, Mercedes Nicole, Bonnie Pasek, Abbie Doran, Karen R. Smith, Clara Fredrickson, Melissa Mager, Howard Langveldt, Dayna Cole, Alyce Watkins, Scott Meihn, Jay Thompson, Cindy McComish, Emily Kozie, Paul Gamman, Jennifer Bolles, Paul Liebert, Don Bennet, Inez Lindsey, Matt Corey, Becky Thatcher, Mitch Hunter.

Check out the full service video, featuring a montage of chaplains and prayer team members, with archival photography from Annie Christensen, Gordon Lee, Casey Longacre and many others.

Reading presented by Marcia Rutan; offering presented by James Tierney; closing prayer from Scott Caldwell.

The talk begins at 15:31.

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