Sunday Service Podcast September 2, 2018 – Cracked Pots

Today’s talk by Rev. Karen was about perfection, and striving for perfection, and of thereby being let down constantly.

It’s in our moments of failure that we are open to Spirit in a new and different manner.

She told the classic story of the cracked water pot.

She then spoke of her own feelings of imperfection, and of comedy. She recently took a stand-up comedy class series, and explained that, in comedy, you embrace your flaws, you take them and expose them on stage, and in that, she clearly saw the Divine Spark in each of her fellow students. She then gave us her 4-minute original comedy routine.

Our wonderfully talented Home Team also wowed us with the music today.

Sunday’s Program: Cracked Pots

Sunday’s Reading (by Robyn McKoy): Perfection