Sunday Service Podcast September 12th – Ann Holmes Redding

“When we as a community take on this notion of service as an attribute, very often we take it on from the side of privilege. We take it on from the side of ‘we have something to give’. And, with that, in the back of our minds sometimes is this kind of shadow of shame. ‘I shouldn’t have what I have.’”

Guest speaker Ann Holmes Redding returns in person this time, speaking to our topic of service.  Ann is on staff at the Interfaith Community Sanctuary, which has had Service as their annual theme for 2021.  She brings the weight of her personal stories, family legacies, our shared cultural baggage, and some deep practical wisdom to this idea of Service in community.

The talk begins at 15:30 in this podcast.

Our Worship Arts team this time includes special guest Tiffany Wilson. Full service video is here.

Please join us in person next Sunday, at 10 a.m. at our Sodo venue, Metropolist.

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