Sunday Service Podcast Sept. 18, 2016 – “The Quiet Hero”

sunday-20160918-1sunday-20160918-2Rev. Karen talked of the essential innocence of those who do good quietly and without a lot of drama and fanfare. She traced the 3 stages of innocence in the life of Mother Teresa, introduced us to Irena Sendler, who saved thousands of children in Germany and who was quite unknown until 1999, and our own congregant Julia Hill. In this talk, Rev. Karen inspired us to go, and do, and to do good – quietly.

A wonderful slideshow of Julia’s Clowning Trip images (the ones shown in the montage during the service) is below.

The ever-delightful Tiffany Wilson was our unexpected, and completely welcomed, musical guest. Thanks, Tiffany! Listen on this podcast for her version of “It’s a Wonderful World”.

Julia’s clowning trip slideshow: