Sunday Service Podcast October 28, 2018 – The Thin Veil

What happens after we die? That’s the question Rev. Karen posed at the opening of this talk. We now are in “the dying season” of the year, that natural cycle where things are born, burgeon and flower, fade, die off, and then rest before rebirth.

Across many cultures and faiths, this time of the year holds festivals for the dead.  There are many ways to honor the ancestors, and the process can be playful and life-affirming. One way could be using recipes as a connection to past relatives, wherein you make the same movements cooking a recipe as when you watched your mother, or grandmother create the same dish.

We enjoyed the angelic voice of Denná Francesca as our featured artist.

Sunday’s Program: The Thin Veil

Sunday’s Reading: A Prayer for Ancestors throughout the Generations