Sunday Service Podcast October 24th – Make Room for Darkness

“The Alchemy of Transformation invites us to let go and accept life as it is, before we can change it.”

Rev. Karen returns from her various sojourns to open the doors to this next series. As she explains it, again using the core metaphor of lead-into-gold, The Alchemy of Transformation “takes the lead of things that are no longer working or needed in our lives, and transforms it into the gold of the more awakened, centered, and kind self”. She also begins dipping into the wealth of materials she has gained in her trip to Greece, this time introducing us to Aesculapius, and related ideas around healing, dreaming, and the doors to the underworld.

Steve Peha gives the reading, The Guest House, a translation of Rumi, by Coleman Barks.

The talk begins at 19:17 in this podcast.

Our Worship Arts team this time features special guest Shauncye Omar.  Full service video is here.

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