Sunday Service Podcast October 18th – The Hidden Gifts of Grief

“I’ve come to be aware that grief slowly creeps into every part of us… it finds its way into the cells of our body… every aspect of our lives. So I’ve decided my only option is to make friends with grief.”

Guest speaker Rev. Meghan Brooks Smith gives a resonant and well-timed talk. Using stories from the Dalai Lama as well as her own deep personal revelations, she crafts a beautiful gift for all of us experiencing any kind of loss. Grief goes far beyond a simple 5-stage process, and becomes a many-faceted and intensely personal experience, crucial to how we each evolve.

Worship Arts comes from local favorite Chava Mirel.

Check out the full service video including an invitaiton from Marcia Rutan to join her November/December class, Poetry for Wellness.

The talk begins at 12:56.

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