Sunday Service Podcast Oct. 16, 2016 – “Romance and Mysticism”

sunday-20161016-1Guest speaker Michael Bogar, M.Dvi., Th.M. talked of “The Crazy Journey of Lust, Love and Peace”. In his take on the Beloved archetype, he spoke of emotions – Where do they come from? Why do I have them? – or – Why do they have me?

sunday-20161016-2In getting away from the prevailing cultural personalization of felt emotions, and into the bigger world of emotions as visitations, as teachings from the archetypal realm, we recieve an enormous gift. Whether the emotion is pleasant or unpleasant, as a teacher it brings us out of the despair that my emotions are mine alone.

He closed with the lovely Rumi poem, “The Guest House”. There are many renditions of this, here’s one by Tatiana Blue.

Music Director Erin McGaughan introduced us to a delightful guest artist today, named Sara Porkalob.