Sunday Service Podcast November 8th – The Foundation

“So let me ask you, what is the inner work that you need to do? What is it in your own basement, in your own underground, that needs to be brought up, lifted up, brought into the light to be healed?”

In this first service after the 2020 election, Rev. Karen Lindvig speaks to the metaphor of Foundational strength.   Even while the outcome is still disputed, and the way forward isn’t yet clear, we can look  to strengthening our foundations through core Unity principles.

Later this afternoon is a lovely blessing ritual at the new building construciton site near Denny Park, including a water ritual from Umoja. Learn all about the building project, including a video from the event, here.

Our Worship Arts guest is Shaunyce Omar, who was also our guest on the first Sunday after the 2016 election.  Back then, she sang Precious Lord Take My Land, though today she sings Change is Gonna Come.

Check out the full service video  here.

The talk begins at 22:45.

Take advantage of all the ways we can stay connected during this time, including after-service fellowship, Daily Prayer Boosts, and Wednesday evening prayer services.  And as always, see our Facebook  page or our Instagram for more, including quotes from our lesson notes, readings, and more.

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