Sunday Service Podcast November 28th – Rays of Light

“The Alchemy of Generosity includes the generosity of Spirit, which is being in the flow of life. It’s offering help and kindness to others. It is love, it is grace, it is seeing the good.”

Senior Minister Rev. Karen Lindvig returns to take us deeper into this series on the Alchemy of Generosity, which takes “the lead of separation and transforms it into the gold of Oneness.”  This week we go further into the idea of Hope as a crucial tool during times of darkness. Karen reminds us of what it means to seek the light, which helps us see the best in those around us, when we deliberately choose to lean towards positivity.

Faith Agee gives the reading, which is from the Daily Word, a recent entry on Light.

The talk begins at 20:20 in this podcast.

Our Worship Arts team this time features returning guest Tyler Rogers. Full service video is here.

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