Sunday Service Podcast November 4, 2017 – In Giving, We Receive

Rev. Karen’s talk today centered on gratitude. We give because it opens us to the presence of the Divine, of something greater than ourselves. She gave multiple stories and examples, including one with the line, “Still depressed, keep ’em coming”.

Rev. Karen brought home to us during this season of thanksgiving the value  of our giving. We tend to remember, she said, the acts of generosity given to us, and tend to forget the acts of generosity we give to others because, if we are giving from that deep place, we are “god-taken”, and outside ourselves when we give.

Here’s two links to the video she described, about the man who brings water to animals in Kenya.

“Here’s a phrase to listen for: “Goodness is transmitted and sustained”

We met our guest artist for the first time, Mikko Juan, who also brought with him several new songs we’ve never heard before. What a joy!