Sunday Service Podcast November 25, 2018 – Leaning into Love

Guest speaker Rev. Pamelagrace Beatty began by talking about how she loved the IDEA of Thanksgiving, and the SPIRIT of Christmas – but the season can lend itself to questioning the good, and noticing our lacks (materially or emotionally).

She expanded, asking, “How can you believe someone loves you if you don’t believe you’re lovable?”

Sometimes we snatch at love, seeking it desperately but not seeing it or feeling it, because it’s coming at us in a way differently than we are expecting. People express or show love in many different ways – if we’re not paying attention, we can miss those ways of love’s expression.t me

And, on the obverse, the question, “How can I love you when you won’t me let me in?”

Rev. Pamelagrace suggested we make an assumption this holiday season: there is love, wherever you are looking.

Our featured artist, J.R. Rhodes, sang brilliantly, including a couple movingly beautiful songs she composed.

Sunday’s Program: Leaning into Love

Sunday’s Reading: Divine Light