Sunday Service Podcast November 14th – The Other Side of Transformation

“Re-assessment, re-thinking, making changes, taking chances, all of these are pre-cursors to a transformation. And so it’s no longer business as usual.”

Senior Minister Rev. Karen Lindvig wraps up her series on the Alchemy of Transformation, by looking at this moment in our societal transformation as a “gestation period”.  A gestation period may feel as though we are in a void, or we’ve lost a sense of who we are, but this is part of a larger transformation process. Karen offers insights into how we can navigate our milestone moments, like graduation, retirement, the birth of a child, the death of a loved one, so that they contribute to our soul development.

James Tierney gives the reading, from the Daily Word on Transformation.

The talk begins at 18:03 in this podcast.

Our Worship Arts team this time features returning favorite Ireland Woods.  Full service video is here.

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