Sunday Service Podcast May 7, 2017 – “Cosmic Parenting”

Guest speaker Michael Bogar MDiv, ThM,  gave us some pre- Mothers’ & Father’s Days prep. He spoke of a limiting modern form of parenting, with a small nuclear family of Mom, Dad, and children, with perhaps some grandparents in the mix. He contrasted this with older viewpoints of parenting,  such as discussed by James Hillman in “The Soul’s Code” of looking at many we come in contact with – people, animals, gods, ancestors – all of our world – as being a part of our parenting structure.

He then developed and expanded on the theme, going all the way to Superorganism Theory, a woman named Lydia Fiarchild, and the concept that there is so much more to our genetics than meets the eye, and we are STILL learning and growing in knowledge.

Joyous music from guest artist Christina Brewer completed and complemented the service.