Sunday Service Podcast May 2nd – Dare to Prosper

tray of lush fruit

“I realized, in every single area of our lives we tend to hold on, and our whole culture says ‘hold on to as much as you can, the one with the most stuff wins.’  What we’ve learned is that in spirituality, it’s exactly the opposite. ”

Guest speaker Rev. Cynthia Alice Anderson joins us, continuing our series on the Alchemy of Strength. Cynthia Alice uses the moment to address prosperity, not simply in terms of finance, but health, relationships, spiritual satisfaction and more.  What are the fundamentals of New Thought prosperity consciousness, that we may have heard before, but we can re-engage with today?

Cynthia Alice will be leading a 5 week deep-dive series on prosperity, starting this week, so sign up now.  And don’t miss her regular podcast, too.

Our special Worship Arts guest is Shaunyce Omar.  Check out the full service video here.

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