Sunday Service Podcast May 27, 2018 -The Sacred Joy of Inner Work

We welcomed our dear guest speaker, Imam Jamal Rahman back to Seattle Unity. With his marvelously humorous delivery, we enjoyed his delightful “Mulla Nasrudin” tales.

He talked of our life as a sacred pilgrimage, steeped in mystery. He spoke of the relationship between the inner and the outer, and the connection to both of spiritual practices.

He then explained a number of very practical and very gentle Sufi techniques for our everyday spiritual practices, which bring us into a better and more loving relationship with the world, and, most importantly, with ourselves.

Our guest artist Chava Mirel’s songs carried this theme of inner work, and also of joy.

“Know thyself and you shall know thy Sustainer.”
The Prophet Muhammad

Open the window of your heart; the Moon will kiss you only through the window.”

“I was a secret Treasure and I longed to be known and so I created you and the worlds visible and invisible.”
Divine revelation to the Prophet Muhammad