Sunday Service Podcast May 1, 2016 – “The Creative Journey”

Sunday 20160501 1Sunday 20160501 3Introducing this month’s archetype, the Artist, Rev. Karen spoke first about children – their natural creativity, and their ability to be present with all kinds of creations. She talked of the magical phenomenon of “I’m bored”, the bliss and labor of the creative process, that art needs an audience, even if it is and audience of the artist and God, and of the commitment to the creative process.

She left us with the blessing, “The Truth is, we are co-creators with God – have fun with it this week!”

Frederick Hagreen, our guest artist, was enchanting. Make sure to listen closely to the words of his first song on this podcast – it is so on topic!

We also enjoyed a delicious Double Gong Meditation during the service, thanks to Sada Simran Khalsa and Andrea Carino.

Sunday 20160501 2