Sunday Service Podcast June 17, 2018 – For Our Fathers

Celebrating Fathers’ Day, Rev. Karen invited four congregants to speak on fatherhood.

Mike Brennan spoke on standards to live by that his father gave him, and of child-rearing in blended families.

Rymii Kaio (not pictured) spoke of Hawaiian ways and the heritage she received from her father.

Raymond Langberg spoke, with an overflowing heart, of respect, a strong work ethic, dapper clothes, and of raising a special needs child.

Louis Mason spoke of his fear of fatherhood, of his favorite subject (his son), and of a dream for his son which he heard from God very early in his son’s life, and how that manifested.

Erin McGaughan let a brilliant Home Team in the musical accompaniment, with delightful fatherhood.-themed songs.