Sunday Service Podcast June 27th – Diversity in Unity

pride celebration

“So often, Unity gets equated with sameness… and it’s not. Unity is not about sameness.”

Associate Minister Diane Robertson leads a vibrant Pride service, a fitting first Sunday for our series on The Alchemy of Compassion. Using stories from history, testimony from congregants, and revelations about her own personal journey, she addresses one of the central challenges in New Thought: how do we make sure our oneness doesn’t lapse into uniformity?  When we humans are hard-wired to seek the familiar, what must we do in order to remain expansive and see the Divine in its full expression and variety?

Diane also appeared on KING5 this week, discussing queer spirituality, in preparation for her appearance at the Seattle Pride Interfaith spirituality panel – see that here.

Our Worship Arts team this time includes Frederick Hagreen with support from congregants Scott Meihn and Faith Agee as well as Erin, Olivia and Orlando.  Check out the full service video here.

Please join us in person next Sunday, at 10 a.m. at our Sodo venue, Metropolist.  Regsitration is no longer required!  And take advantage of all the ways we can stay connected,  including after-service fellowship, Daily Prayer Boosts, and Wednesday evening prayer services.  And as always, see our Facebook  page or our Instagram, for shareable quotes from our lesson notes, readings, and more.

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