Sunday Service Podcast July 8, 2018 – The Practice of Being Uncomfortable

In today’s talk on being uncomfortable, Rec. Karen began by talking of vacation traveling – which is not always comfortable, but we do for very good reasons, and ultimately for greater enjoyment, despite any temporary discomforts.

She noted that we are constantly monitoring and changing our physical discomforts – when we’re cold, we put on a sweater, when we’re thirsty, we take a drink, etc. She pointed out that many, if not most, of us don’t do the same with our emotional discomforts – we tend more to ignore, pretend, or argue with them.

One point of being uncomfortable is that this brings us into living in the present moment.

Rev. Karen also noted that being uncomfortable must have some spiritual value, as so many deep spiritual leaders, from Siddhartha to Jesus, sought out the uncomfortable.

In the process of creating our new building, we’re being uncomfortable for a greater reward. She asked us as a congregation to support each other, and that Seattle Unity, ultimately, is we the people of the congregation, and not any building, new or old.

Erin McGaughan brought us another vibrant and wonderful Home Team musical experience.