Sunday Service Podcast July 4th – Yearning to Be Free

spoons with herbs

“Even my father’s grumbling about July 4th not being his holiday was gift, because I hadn’t thought about that. Can you believe I hadn’t thought about that?”

Pamelagrace Beatty returns for both a contemplation and celebration of July 4th, in its old and new significance. Using the touchpoints of Community, Compassion and Independence, she helps us take stock of this moment in our national and personal timelines. Where has the last year taken us?  What beliefs and ideas can we free ourselves from, for the benefit of ourselves as well as for the world at large?

Our Worship Arts team this time includes two first timer developing artists: Anamaria Guerzon and Darryin Cunningham, both grads from Pacific Lutheran University.  Check out the full service video here.

Please join us in person next Sunday, at 10 a.m. at our Sodo venue, Metropolist. Registration is no longer required!  And take advantage of all the ways we can stay connected,  including after-service fellowship, Daily Prayer Boosts, and Wednesday evening prayer services.  And as always, see our Facebook  page or our Instagram, for shareable quotes from our lesson notes, readings, and more.

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