Sunday Service Podcast July 29, 2018 – On the Money

We continue to work on “the Practice of Being Uncomfortable” in our Sundays’ themes.  For this Sunday, and mentioning our current Practice, Rev. Karen said, “Let’s talk about money”…

She used a wide range of sources, from Unity co-founder Charles Fillmore’s book “Prosperity” (which was written during the time of the Great Depression) to the Bible to Kahlil Gibran to the Youth of Unity Rally she just attended.

She quoted Lynne Twist, referring to two toxic myths:

  • There is not enough
  • More is better

She said that our participation is mandatory, and that it’s about what we value. She closed with a Prosperity Blessing

For our guest artist today, the divine Sarah Russell graced us with the gift of her voice.

Sunday’s Program: On the Money
Sunday’s Reading: Abundance