Sunday Service Podcast July 22, 2018 – Why is the Spiritual Path so Uncomfortable?

Endearing guest speaker Sada Simran Khalsa is a practicing Sikh. He began his talk with his experiences, as a practicing Sikh, in wearing his turban, and his discomfort with that. We all have a deep longing to belong, he said, and yet we are also searching for deeper truths.

He spoke of his spiritual teacher, Yogi Bhajan, who said his job as a spiritual teacher was always to poke, provoke, confront, and elevate.

We all have 3 minds: a negative mind (protecting us), a positive mind (which will jump in to pretty much of anything), and a neutral mind (the place of subtle vision of your own life).

The way to work thorough our discomfort, in order to get to that place of neutral mind,  is through spiritual practice. Specifically for Sada Simran, it’s having a meditative practice.

He closed by leading us through a delicious Sa Ta Na Ma meditation.

Guest artist Jimmie Herrod brought wonderful songs of love for our music.