Sunday Service Podcast January 9th – Whitestone

“I think what we’ve learned over these past couple of years, is:  yeah, you set this intention, and then you better be ready to shift and change with whatever is happneing in the world.”

Senior Minister Rev. Karen Lindvig returns to lead our annual Whitestone ceremony, which has new meaning in this time of Covid. She draws inspiration from some first-person stories of wild weather this week, unexpected obstacles and suprising kindness.  In keeping with our current theme of the Alchemy of Wisdom, she pulls in plenty of quotes from scripture, from Charles Fillmore, and even a new article from the New York Times, which brings our Whitestone tradition to the mainstream audience.

Gayle Macy gives the reading, from the Daily Word. 

The talk begins at 23:25 in this podcast.

Our Worship Arts team this time features returning guest Tommie Burton.

Please join us online next Sunday, at 10 a.m. as we livestream the service from our Sodo venue, Metropolist.

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