Sunday Service Podcast January 3rd – Whitestone

“That word white … comes originally from the word leukos, and leukos can also mean bright or brilliant. To me this is the essence of the White Stone ritual. It’s calling out that brilliance in you, that divine quality, that is most needed in this moment, in your life and in the world.”

Associate Minister Diane Robertson leads our annual White Stone ceremony,  using personal stories and biblical reference to bring this tradition to life.  How do we receive our words?  How do we make them unique to each one of us, how do we give them juiciness, and what is the nature of manifestation?  Join us as we leverage the best of Unity traditions, for a big, meaningful step into 2021.

Our special Worship Arts guest today is Ireland Woods, a regular singer from our sister ministry at Unity of Everett.

Check out the full service video here.

The talk begins at 15:32.

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