Sunday Service Podcast January 31st – The Realm of Divine Ideas

“The truth is that we are all sons and daughters of the most high… and we’re only using a small percentage of our capacity. So, my question to you is: what do you want in your life?”

Senior Minister Rev. Karen Lindvig looks at manifestation, and our human power to create from our imagination. How do we best use our co-creative capacities with God, so that our individual and collective experience of the world may be the highest and best it can be?  Through vision-boarding, acting as-if, brainstorming, and other tools like these, we leverage the power of Imagination to leap forward beyond current limitation.

Gail Crumpton offers a reading from Rev. Pam MacGregor called Accepting Divine Ideas.

Our Worship Arts includes special guest Frederick Hagreen.

Check out the full service video here.

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