Sunday Service Podcast August 9th – Make Hay While the Sun Shines

“In the garden of our lives, we might ask, what IS it that we actually planted? Did we plant good things?”

Seattle Unity welcomes first time guest speaker Rev. Judith Laxer. Judith is the founding priestess of Gaia’s Temple, an inclusive, earth-based ministry in Seattle, about to celebrate 20 years of service next month. She also enjoys a successful private practice as a psychic, spiritual counselor, hypnotherapist, and shamanic practitioner.

In this talk, Judith looks at the rhythm of the seasons for clues for living. How can we best use this moment right now, to help us navigate the autumn and winter to come?

The talk begins at 14:35.

Music comes from John Coons and his accompanist/partner, Matta Aument.
Go here for the full service video.

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