Sunday Service Podcast August 5, 2018 – Out of Loss Comes Possibility

Continuing our  work on “the Practice of Being Uncomfortable” in our Sunday themes, this week Rev. Karen chose loss as the lesson topic. Loss is inevitable. The older we get, the more our losses seem to accumulate. Death comes to mind immediately, but there are so many more forms of loss: job, home, mobility, friendships, youth, health, memory, wilderness and environment, flexibility, sleep, trust, etc.

Wowie! Makes you want to run to your bed and pull the covers over your head, doesn’t it?!

Because life’s constant is change, the way we deal with our inevitable losses is a vital part of being a whole human being. We don’t, in this culture, tend to stop and grieve, and so our losses pile on each other. And, eventually, the feelings become overwhelming.

During her talk, Rev. Karen offered insights from Christopher Reeve, our Seattle Unity building project, and Elizabeth Kubler-Ross. She then invited Marla Durden, our Youth & Family Director, to speak. Marla movingly spoke of losing literally almost everything she owned due to Hurricane Harvey, after a number of other significant losses, and of how she dealt with this devastation.

Rev. Karen ended her talk by speaking of faith, and of how to get to the place, after loss, of the freedom to receive.

Our guest artists today were our delightfully talented Home Team.

Sunday’s Program: Out of Loss Comes Possibility
Sunday’s Reading (by M J Davidson): The Guest House