Sunday Service Podcast August 22nd – with Rev. Meghan Smith-Brooks

“You know those old world maps, with the terra incognito, where it had the world as we knew it was defined, and then it had all the scary monsters and the dragons on the outside, and you’re not supposed to go there?

No, we’re supposed to go there.”

Guest speaker Rev. Meghan Smith-Brooks gives a talk on facing the biggest challenges humans can face, and thriving.  Meghan’s ministry grew out of the Seattle Unity community and has since taken her all over the country, as a pulpit minister, grief counselor and author of Unraveling Grief: A Mother’s Spiritual Journey of Healing and Discovery.

Meghan’s talk begins at 20:30.

Our Worship Arts team this time includes congregants Sienna Geal, Jennifer Bolles, and Chris Sullivan. Full service video is here.

Please join us in person next Sunday, at 10 a.m. at our Sodo venue, Metropolist.

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