Sunday Service Podcast August 12, 2018 – Heaven on Earth

In today’s talk, Rev. Karen talked of how we are more than our bodies, and, when we are very young, we know this. As we age, we forget. Coming together in spiritual community can remind us of our transcendent natures and also create an energy field of oneness and awakening, carried by the group consciousness. “Never underestimate”, she said, “the importance of your Presence.”

How do we attain this consciousness? She discussed the 4 yoga paths: Karma Yoga, the path of selfless action; Bhakti Yoga. the path of devotion and love for God; Jnana Yoga, the path of knowledge; and Raja Yoga. the combination of all of them.

Our gorgeous guest artist, Denná Francesca, sang beautifully to us, including a song  in Farsi.

Sunday’s Program: Heaven on Earth

Sunday’s Reading (by Gail Crumpton): Untitled; two verses by Rumi