Sunday Service Podcast April 24, 2016 – “Fantasy or Reality? Your Choice!”


Sunday 20160424 1Our guest speaker today was the eminent Rev. Dr. Martha Creek. With a decidedly humorous and down-home delivery, she offered a deep lesson beginning from the innocuous questions, “What if I didn’t oppose what is?” and

Leading a "Woe is Me" exercise
Leading a “Woe is Me” exercise

“What if I wasn’t at war with getting my way?” She affirmed the truth, “I will NOT get what I want sometimes”, and went on to explore the God in that situation, and the question “Who am I going to be with this situation?”

She ended with the statement, “We’re in the Hell Hotel, and we have the key – are you willing to check out?”

Sunday 20160424 4

Sunday 20160424 2

Our guest artist, Stefan Mitchell, made his farewell appearance (he’s retiring from church performances) and was blessed and appreciated in a tearful farewell.




Here are the links to Martha’s “Talks Volume 1” Mp3’s, (the same ones on the CD’s she so generously gave away after the service), made into podcasts.

God is Beginning
God is Bigger than Me
God is Center
God is Everyone
God is Healing
God as Illness
God as Jury Duty
God as Life
God as Loneliness
God as Reflection
God is a Sure Bet
God is Waiting