Sunday Service Podcast April 22, 2018 – Healing Mother Earth

Note: this podcast is not a complete recording of this service; it runs out of time towards the end of Mr. Gerling’s talk.The video recording on YouTube later this week will include the end of Mr. Gerling’s talk.

Guest speaker Kelly Gerling, PhD, spoke passionately on Earth Day with a talk about a method to bring about the systemic changes needed for the healing of Mother Earth. He spoke of the need for thought AND action, for intention AND commitment. We need the spiritual power of faith to combine with these, so as not to give in to despair and/or cynicism.

He used a medical model: diagnosis, treatment plan, and implementation in setting out a way to bring about profound change.

The diagnosis, he said, is grim: the odds are against us and the situation is dire.

The treatment plan requires an exponential response in innovation across multiple disciplines: economic, political. social, manufacturing, etc.

The implementation requires everyone to become involved; each individual finding their way to create political will, social will, and understanding in changing the institutions  which currently are holding us back from the profound changes that are required.

Bringing this back to an individual perspective, he closed with two questions to activate each person:

  1. What are my powers, such as special skills and deep knowledge; contacts and memberships; privileges and wealth?
  2. How can I use my powers to bring about large-scale institutional support for healing Mother Earth by joining with others in unity?

Our Home Team were our marvelous musical guests, and we were gifted with a wonderfully unexpected whale story by Paul Che oke ten Wagner, storyteller and musician.