Sunday Service Podcast April 18th – Life on Earth

“… when is a time in your life that you were so touched, by the beauty that you saw? Whether it be out at sea or in a mountain, maybe it’s in the woods or your yard. It can be something as simple as watching how the light shines through the window… we have those moments when we’re just awestruck…”

Senior Minister Rev. Karen Lindvig celebrates Earth Day beginning with the concept of evolution. Are we spiritually evolving?  The natural world offers abundant lessons in what evolution requires of us. Just as trees communicate through their interconnected roots and the underground networks of beneficial fungi, so we can be as interconnected with each other, at the root level.

Our special Worship Arts guest is Board member and multi-instrumentalist Andrea Cariño, with a beautiful sound meditation using Hapi drum and chimes.  Check out the full service video here.

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