Sunday Service Podcast Easter Sunday April 1, 2018 – Crossing the Threshold

Rev. Karen’s inspiring Easter lesson wove together Jesus and the Christian Easter story with our annual theme of the Inner Pilgrimage. She quoted Jesus’ saying of “In my Father’s house there are many rooms”, noting that at this time in our soul’s growth we generally only see this room, the room our physical bodies inhabit, and somehow belive this is the only room.

Thresholds bring awareness of other rooms in this metaphorical mansion, and transitions such as loss or the death of a loved one bring this into our everyday awareness.

Rev. Karen answered the question of “What is resurrection?” by stating that it is the Divine within us – we can lose track of it, yet is is always present. Our spiritual practice can assist with this awareness.

Our Most Glorious Easter Choir, led by Matt Corey, with special guests Darrius Willrich and Rafe Pearlman brought wonderful and stirring music and chanting into the service.