Sunday Service Podcast November 24th – A Blessing On Your Head

“One of the things we discovered was that when you combine strengthening beliefs with Imagination, it ignites the power of Faith.”

Rev. Karen completes our month of Gratitude by looking at how the power of blessing can create the energy needed to solve today’s big problems. She invites members of her most recent class on Manifesting Dreams Through Unity Principles to come forward and speak about their experiences.

Worship Arts features the Gratitude Choir. Due to technical limitations, most of the choir’s sound is not recorded.  The pod includes a few excerpts of their larger presentation.  Many thanks to all the congregant soloists:  Faith Agee, Sienna Giele, Jennifer Bolles, Mitch Hunter, Scott Meihn, Don Bennett, Mary Bonine, and Stephanie Wood.

Talk begins at 20:03.

Today’s reading is Thanksgiving, by Pierre Pradervand

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