Sunday Service Podcast July 28th, 2019 – Om Namah Shivaya

“Fire in his head, the sun and moon in his eyes, space his ears, the Vedas his speech, the wind his breath, the universe his heart, from his feet the earth has originated.  Verily he is the inner self of all beings.”

Rev. Karen Lindvig continues our study of Shiva consciousness, with stories ranging from life in the ashram, to everyday domestic reality.  She invites us to ask how radical change and the “destroyer” energy is at work everywhere in today’s world, from our most intimate heartaches to our shared global crises.

Today’s reading is Rebuilding Life After Trauma, from the Meaningful Life Center.

Talk starts at 20:20.

Our special music guests are the Woods Sisters.

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Don’t miss next week’s guest speaker, Dharma Practitioner Kaitlyn Hatch.

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