Sunday Service Podcast June 30th, 2019 – True to Self

“If there’s some way that you’ve been ignoring that inner voice of yours… I encourage you to be TRUE to that self, to listen to that voice, and to step out into that power.”

It’s Pride Day and Rev. Karen highlights the LGBTQ+ experience to draw lessons for everyone, in expression of the true inner self. Community member Mitch Hunter also shares just a bit of his amazing journey through “all of the letters of LGBT” with generous warmth and insight.

Talk begins at 27:20.

Today’s special music guest is Tiffany Wilson.

Thanks also to Board member Andrea Carino, for providing a delicious experimental sound bath of bells and tongue drum.

Today’s reading is “I Am Diversity” by Charles Bennafield.

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Don’t forget – NEXT week July 7th is also After-service Picnic, and in two weeks, on July 14th, we have our Early Morning Service at 8:30.


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