Sunday Service Podcast February 17, 2019 – 90 Seconds

In “Riding the Tide of Impermanence” (our 2019 annual theme), “What is more impermanent than our thoughts and emotions?” asked Rev. Karen. She spent the time of her talk today looking deeply at our feelings and thoughts.

In order to notice, (so as to begin to control or direct) our thoughts and emotions, we practice prayer and meditation.  What we focus on brings energy and is directed and increases where we focus it. When we worry, focusing and repeating our thoughts on unwanted outcomes, we are actually praying for what we don’t want. And, through the Law of Mind-Action, we will get that outcome.

How do you talk with yourself when you first wake up in the morning? This can become a pattern for the rest of your day.

“When you look deeply into your eyes in a mirror, you can actually see your soul,” said Rev. Karen.

Andrea and meditation bowls

One purpose of a mantra (whatever mantra you choose) is that a mantra during meditation is a tree. Your monkey-mind has something to do, running up and down that tree, during your practice. And the rest of you can be in that be-ing state.

Our emotions rise and flow and fall within 90 seconds. If they last longer than that, it is because of the story we have attached to the emotion.

Rev. Karen then led us in several exercises to “cement home” these teachings.

Our featured artist, Justin Huertas, brought his talent and his lovely whimsical nature for our enjoyment this morning.

Note: There was no program nor reading for this special service.

Following the service we enjoyed socializing with a wonderful array of treats to enhance that fellowship. Thanks to Terry and Gayle and all of the other wonderful volunteers who made this possible!