Sunday Service Podcast February 3, 2019 – One God, Many Paths

Continuing the theme of impermanence, Rev. Karen today spoke of the spiritual tapestries which are displayed in our Sanctuary, and which will not fit in our new designed smaller church building.

The 12 tapestries, and their 12 Peace Prayers collated by James Twyman, have graced the Sanctuary for 18 years as they were designed and created. In letting them go, Rev. Karen affirmed that what they have brought us, the absolute truth of all faiths, is part of us, and that will always be a part of Seattle Unity.

Each particular faith is a different view on (the same unchanging) Principles, and emphasizes different aspects of the Divine. We each draw to us the theology we need.

With these changes, or with any other, Rev. Karen invites us to be present to your feelings. Quoting Pema Chödrön, she noted that feelings arise and go, in no longer than 90 seconds. What seems to make them go on “forever” is the story line we attach to the feelings.

Our featured artist, J.R. Rhodes, sang movingly, particularly in her original song, “Everything Must Change”.

Sunday’s Program: One God, Many Paths

Sunday’s Reading by Annie Christensen: On Religion by Kahlil Gibran