Sunday Service Podcast January 27, 2019 – Changing Roles & the Unwavering Soul

Rev. Karen looked at the ways impermanence manifests in our world.

One of the ways is through the different roles we play in our lives. If we could let go of our “life” roles as easily as we let go of roles in a play, we would be much more at ease with ourselves. It’s attachment to the roles we take on, and coming to believe we ARE a specific role, that leads to false ideas of who we are.

Meditation is one really significant way we can erode our identity with our roles and give ourselves some breathing space.

You are spirit, and the most important role you can take on is to be a devotee to God (or Spirit, or however you define your Divine).

Our featured artist, Cass Neumann, brought heart-touching songs to the service this morning.

Sunday’s Program: Changing Roles & the Unwavering Soul

Sunday’s Reading: Meditation On Self by Alison Stormwolf