Sunday Service Podcast June 14th

“COVID-19 knows no boundary of country, it knows no boundary of race or culture or religion… apparently knows no boundary of age… of language. COVID-19 demonstates exceptionally clearly how incredibly interconnected we all are, and calls us to a kind of mutual support, should we wish to survive, as humankind on this planet.”

Today’s talk from our long-time friend Rabbi Ted Falcon was recorded several weeks ago, but we pre-empted it last week so that Rev. Karen could speak to the issue of the current protests.  However, his spiritual message remains fresh and relevant.

Ted’s talk begins at 12:05.

Worship Arts material comes from our Seattle Unity Worship Arts Team.  Go here for the full service video, including a slide show of pictures from BLM protests around the world.

Take advantage of all the ways we can stay connected during this time, including after-service fellowship and Wednesday evening Zoom services.  And as always, see our Facebook  page or our Instagram for more, including quotes from our lesson notes, readings, and more..

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