Sunday July 1: Threads that Connect US

Looking forward to Sunday July 1

Guest speaker Diane Robertson speaks the word
with our guest artist Justin Huertas for

Threads that Connect US

Peace Circle with Troy Reicherter 8:30 am in the Upper Room
Contemplative Meditation at 9 am in the Chapel
Service at 10 am in the Sanctuary
Youth & Infant Care begin at 9:45 am (classes at 10 am) in the Children’s Chapel
Quest  at 11:30 am in the Chapel

Obstacle Course Invitation 11:20 am in the Fellowship Hall
Earth Care Team at 11:30 am in the Library
Tapestry Ministry at 11:45 am in the Upper Room

AA meeting at 8 pm in the Fellowship Hall

Please note

The two rows of the parking lot closest to Seattle Unity are ours, and you can freely park there. The 3rd row to the North is not ours, is no longer available and you most likely will get a ticket!

The Youth program is trying a new arrival method for the summer.

Please drop all 1st grade to Uniteen kids with Leah in the Meditation Garden (If it is raining, meet her in the Library.) We will be “Hosting Sunshine” which will be an opening circle of affirmations and questions (sometimes an art activity). From there, we will go to our classrooms and that is where pick up will be unless otherwise noted.

Preschoolers will still get dropped off downstairs with Sandi in the Nursery.

We podcast ALL services; or you may purchase an audio CD of all services in the Lobby. We post YouTube video links for most  service talks directly onto our website and this link will connect you with the web page for the videos. (It’s When we video a service they will be posted to the website, usually on Sunday or Monday.