Celebrate, Inspire, and Deepen your spiritual journey  – in commUnity!

We are proud of our ministry and would be honored to serve you and support your spiritual needs as a member of the human family.

We have discovered that our individual spiritual journeys cannot be taken alone.

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We need a nurturing community, both to support our individual paths and to challenge our outdated belief systems.

We need the spark of other souls to enrich our own experiences of the Presence.

Together, we grow more deeply and richly

than we ever could alone.

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Our principles are based on the Bible and on Buddhist and other spiritual teachings. It is not unusual to hear quotes or stories from great religious teachers of Hinduism, Sufism, Islam, and others. The lessons relate to our everyday experiences and therefore are relevant to us in how we live each day.

Unity views worship as serving God and humankind by uplifting, celebrating, inspiring, and deepening God’s spirit in us, in positive, joyous, and sustainable ways. We are not so much concerned about a “future life” or a “past life” as we are in teaching people how to live more fully in this present moment.

Unity believes in eternal life and views the present moment as the only moment in which we can truly engage life. We emphasize the divine potential in all beings, and teach that through understanding and applying what Jesus, Buddha, and other great teachers taught, that every person can realize and express their potential for a richer and fuller life.

In Unity, each person is recognized as a true spiritual being, here to awaken to one’s own divine potential.

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