Intuition Circle

Our practice helps harness our intuitive wisdom in addressing practical questions and makes intuiting more habitual and available, bringing wisdom and connection to our lives.

Intuition Circle discusses intuitive ideas such as channeling, location astrology, magic wands, sacred geometry, crystals, poetry and many others.  We are always looking for people who would like to share their own intuitive path with the group.

We have resumed meeting monthly on the 2nd Sundays at 3:00pm via Zoom - join us!


Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 836 4666 4585
Passcode: 429601
Call: 253 215 8782

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Series: Awakening Your Inner Mystic

What is a mystic?  What is the path of the mystic?  Who are the mystics that have walked the earth that can light our way? Mystics have arisen out of all religious traditions and no particular religious path. A mystic is often defined as one who has a direct experience...
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