Special Outreach for Compass Housing’s 100th Anniversary!

Our South Lake Union neighbor, Compass Housing Alliance, is celebrating their 100th Anniversary on May 16th! We plan to contribute to the celebration by purchasing Move-In Kits for people entering Compass’ transitional housing. The kits include a laundry hamper, comforter, sheets, dish soap, kitchen scrubber & sponge, all-purpose cleaner, paper towels & toilet paper, plunger & toilet brush, kitchen towels, potholders and laundry detergent. You can imagine how helpful this is for a newly housed person!

We are setting a goal of $1,500 to provide a minimum of 15 kits. Please consider a contribution. You can contribute to the Seattle Unity Outreach Fund between now and the end of May and your gift will go toward providing kits to people making their transition from the streets of Seattle.

You can donate via the website on the Donation page and selecting the Outreach fund in the pull-down menu under your dollar amount. You can also donate via text by texting the word   GIVE   to 206.350.8448 and entering the word   Outreach   beside the dollar amount.

Thank you for considering it!