Seattle Unity April 2021 Newsletter

– IN THIS ISSUE – Easter, Events, & Classes Youth & Family Letter from Rev. Karen Upcoming Classes & Events Building News Updates Time Capsule Midday Meditation & Prayer Our Facebook Groups Sunday Meditation Thank You Unity Resources Prayer Support Ways to Give Daily Word Board & Staff Click here to read the full Newsletter.…

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The Call of Challenging Times: A Workshop with Gregg Levoy

04/28/2021 @ 6:00 pm – 9:00 pm – The Call of Challenging Times In the central creation story in the Western world (Genesis) Chaos-with-a-capital-C is described as the condition of the Earth before it was formed – ie. Chaos precedes Creation. Join Gregg Levoy (author of Callings and Vital Signs) and a community of fellow-seekers to explore how your own life and work […]

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Sunday Service Podcast April 25th – The Call of Challenging Times

roots on a wall

“Is the universe a friendly place or not? I think how you answer that question is going to impact if not determine how your life unfolds. How are you going to interpret and respond to the things that happen to you, including events like the pandemic or the political, cultural, racial turmoil of the last…

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