Seattle Unity’s Rich Small Group Ministry – Part 2:  Rowing in the Same Direction

In Part 1 we looked at the benefits that our small groups ministry provides and what is already in existence.  In this blog we introduce some of our priorities for our small groups ministry.  For our existing groups very little of substance will change with what you are currently experiencing in your small group.

Our intention for 2016 is to create sufficient structure and organization to make communicating about and within our small groups clearer both for existing congregants and for visitors.  A significant element of this is clarifying our language and checking in to see if what we say means the same thing to everyone.  For example, we started by clarifying which of our small groups we consider Spirit Groups and which are Service Teams, and how these differ.  These also differ from our Home Groups and small groups that are part of our larger community (i.e. Guru Gayatri, Oneness Blessors, etc.).

4 group types
We want to ensure that everything we are doing is in alignment with our Mission and Values.  To use the metaphor of the boats in the stream, Seattle Unity may have an entire fleet of different boats each with their own character and feel, but we want to ensure all the boats are rowing in the same direction.  We can do this by ensuring that everything happening at Seattle Unity is aligned with our Mission and Values.

SU logoAn additional priority in creating more organization and clarity within our small groups ministry is so that we can efficiently utilize Seattle Unity’s resources in support of the groups.  Additionally, we want what is working well to be easily reproducible in order to contribute to the overall health of our community.

Continue reading how this is evolving in Part 3 shortly.

Remember – Saturday, March 12th at 5:00 pm – for the Home Groups Kickoff dinner!