Seattle Unity’s Rich Small Group Ministry – Part 1:  Where We are Now

FillmoreFamily(1)Seattle Unity has had a rich small groups ministry for decades.  Many long-time congregants are not aware of all the groups that we have currently at Seattle Unity.  The entire Unity movement began as small circles of spiritual seekers meeting in people’s homes and other locations, exploring divine truths.

Small groups are typically where we get to know one another better through our stories, be of a greater support to each other, and dive deeper on our spiritual path.  While the Sunday services provide their own type of connection, most people say they really got to know others within Seattle Unity through a small group or class.

Garden Party 2We have many diverse types of groups to meet the varying interests of our community.  This type of individuality and flexibility are some of the best traits of Seattle Unity and will always be part of who we are.

There are three reasons that we are placing greater focus on our small groups ministry at this time:

  1. As we release our current physical home, create our beautiful new space, and move through this process as a community, it is vitally important that we connect even more deeply and have multiple channels of communication.
  2. We are also looking towards the future and what will maintain a healthy and vibrant community.  Small groups are a great way to do this by providing smaller gatherings for new visitors to explore what Seattle Unity has to offer.
  3. Seattle Unity is ever-evolving and as we look at what is working well, we intentionally want to do more of that.  Small groups are working well to support people’s spiritual growth and strengthen our community.

Look for Part 2 of this blog series soon about Rowing in the Same Direction

Save the Date– Saturday, March 12th at 5:00 pm – for the Kickoff dinner!