Seattle Unity Sermon Videos 09-09-2018—”Grace”

Rev. Dr. Martha Creek Sunday Sermon

Sunday Service Video September 9th, 2018—”Grace”—Here is the link and player to Rev. Dr. Martha Creek’s Sunday sermon of 09-09-2018. In this sermon, guest speaker Rev. Dr. Martha Creek offers key ideas for spiritual development. Martha describes the grace that the spiritual community…(See details below.)

Prior to the sermon, Rev. Karen Lindvig introduces Martha to our spiritual community. The video is below.

Also, Paul Liebert offers a reading of “Falling into Grace” in the first video below.


Paul Liebert Reading “Falling into Grace”

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Rev. Karen Lindvig Introduces Dr. Martha Creek

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Rev. Dr. Martha Creek Sermon “Grace”

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Sermon Summary

Title: “Grace” — Rev. Dr. Martha Creek’s sermon on September 9th, 2018 is titled “Grace.” In this sermon, guest speaker Rev. Dr. Martha Creek offers key ideas for spiritual development. Martha describes the grace that the spiritual community at Seattle Unity has demonstrated as we go through the recreation of our physical space. She explores grace as an acronym “GRACE,” standing for—God; Realized; Actualized; Consciously; Expressed. Through examples, questions-and-answers, and her personal passion, Martha Creek offers how we as individuals and we as a community can remake our community as we re-create our physical space in our new building.

Quotation by Martha Creek related to this sermon:

“This form has been endowed with the capacity to think and feel and imagine; to love and hate; to question and to assert; and with the amazing capacity to feel sadness, grief, and loss as well as joy, peace, and profound happiness. It almost makes no sense. All of this is part of the expression of your unborn nature, of your spiritual nature.”

Paul Liebert Reading “Falling into Grace”:

Paul Liebert offers his reading titled “Falling into Grace,” written by Adyashanti. The details of his reading are below.

Excerpted from the book “Falling into Grace: Insights on the End of Suffering” by Adyashanti.

“Falling into Grace”
by Adyashanti

We very rarely confess this feeling of insufficiency to one other. We keep it a secret out of the fear that we are the only ones who feel this way. We think everyone else is quite clear about who and what they are; however, if you really ask people, and if they are willing to be genuinely open, they’ll tell you, “Yes, I’ve felt this uncertainty, too.”

They’ll share with you that they’ve touched this realization of how the identity they’ve created for themselves doesn’t really capture the feeling, the essence, of who they are in their lives. They’ll admit that often it fee
ls as if they are acting in a play.

Many of us go through life in this way. We’re playing a part that we learned how to play, but the problem is that we don’t know how to “un-play” it. We think we need another part, perhaps a better part. But really, is that true? What would happen if for a moment we stopped and didn’t play any part, if we allowed ourselves to be un-born and to touch upon who and what we were before we took form, before we appeared to be someone distinct and different?

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