Seattle Unity Sermon Videos 07-29-2018—”On the Money”

Rev. Karen Lindvig Sunday Sermon
“On the Money”

Sunday Service Video July 29th, 2018—“On the Money”—Here is the link and player to Karen Lindvig’s Sunday sermon of 07-29-2018.

Every year, Rev. Karen Lindvig develops an annual theme for framing the sermon lessons for the year. In 2018, our Annual Theme is “The Inner Pilgrimage.” Consistent with the July theme of the benefits of discomfort, in her July 29th, 2018 sermon, Karen turned to the subject of money and prosperity. Karen relates a number of stories about…(see more below)

Also, Monti Duge offers a reading titled “Abundance.” (Details and a video below.)

Monti Duge Reading “Abundance”

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Karen Lindvig’s Sunday Sermon—”On the Money”

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Sermon Summary

Title: “On the Money” — Reverend Karen Lindvig‘s sermon on July 15th, 2018 is titled “On the Money.” Rev. Karen continues her sermons related to the 2018 Annual Theme category of “The Inner Pilgrimage.” Consistent with the July theme of the benefits of discomfort, in her July 29th, 2018 sermon, Karen turned to the subject of money and prosperity. Karen relates a number of stories about great ideas that pertain to prosperity and discomfort. She focuses on the importance of divine ideas as something to value, to develop, and to pray for. She talked about misplaced discomfort when money instead of divine ideas are the focus of prayers. She related the story of Jesus and the camel and the eye of the needle in this regard. She described the young Unity people in the region at a recent event they organized. She talked about the mindset of prosperity where discomfort can be false when, no matter how much money is acquired, it is never enough.

Key quotations relating to this sermon:

Joseph Campbell:

“Money is congealed energy, and releasing it releasing life’s possibilities.”

Maria Nemeth:

“To act powerfully with the energy of money, you have to be willing to tell the truth about what you see.”

Lynn Twist:

“The happiest and most joyful people I know are those who express themselves through channeling their resources—money, when they have it—on to their highest commitments. Theirs is a world where the experience of wealth is in sharing what they have, giving, allocating, and expressing themselves authentically with the money they put in flow.”

Charles Fillmore:

“We advocate the accumulation of rich ideas, ideas that are useful, constructive, and of service to the well-being of all people. The outer manifestation of riches may follow or it may not, but the supply for every need will be forthcoming because the person of rich ideas has confidence in an all providing power that never fails. This is true riches, not an accumulation of money, but access to an inexhaustible resource that can be drawn on at any time to meet any righteous demand.”

Khalil Gibran:

“You work that you may keep pace with the Earth and the Soul of the Earth. For to be idle is to be a stranger onto the seasons and to step out of life’s procession.”

Monti Duge Reading “Abundance”:

A consciousness of Spirit is the true source of my good.

I live in an abundant universe that is teeming with all manner of good. Yet the ultimate source of my good is never a particular job, bank account, or person. Those are simply channels through which my prosperity might flow.

When I focus on the channels rather than the source, I narrow my capacity to receive the flow of life’s plentiful, diverse expressions. Instead I look to Spirit as the one true source of my good and recognize that I have an endless inner supply.

A consciousness of Spirit is my constant supply. Centered in Spirit, I feel no lack. I am continually inspired by the flow of prospering ideas. As I act on them, I enjoy the richness of Spirit’s universal storehouse.

Perception and focus create reality. If I were to make a mental list of everything I don’t have, the universe would align with my belief and show me a world where I always have less. Yet, when I choose to see everything in my life as a blessing, even though it may take time to find the gifts in some situations, the world becomes a place of endless generosity.

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